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Whitegates Estate Agents of Wrexham, is the only Whitegates situated in Wales, and is set in the beautiful North Wales borderlands. Anne Clark and Irene Jones have successfully run this franchise since 1994.

Wrexham offers many traditional attractions including country parks, fishing, cycling, castles and large manor houses. More modern developments include its retail industry that has increased dramatically since 1999, new developments are ongoing today, making more retail parks, large chain stores and areas of employment. Even amongst
all of this development smaller family shops thrive as it is an attractive area for
shopping and bargains, especially with the indoor 'Peoples Market'. The traditional
'Open Market' or 'Beast Market' as it is locally known, still arrives every Monday.

This is a historical town that has developed from a small market village to a thriving large town. Whilst walking through Wrexham you may get a glimpse of the parish church, St. Giles'. This huge church watches over the town and is one of the seven wonders of Wales.

Easily accessed from Chester via the A483 dual carriageway and boasting the most
used shop mobility service in North Wales, Wrexham also has two train stations, many car parks and a regular bus service all conveniently located around Whitegates and the King Street area.